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Writing Topic: Grace & Forgiveness


-A few thoughts on how the grace of God is revealed through the blessings of acceptance, enablement, position, and inheritance


-A look at the topic of forgiveness and how believers should interact with the concept

God’s Jewel

-An article from Kindred Spirit sharing God’s Jewel of grace


-Extensive notes on grace and law

Modern Galatianism

-A challenge to graduates and staff at Grace Theological Seminary to avoid the idea of Modern Galatianism


-Guidance on how to correct and restore a fellow believer from Galatians 6:1 

The Cross In Life

-A sermon outline where Dr. Ryrie talks about how the cross is central to the believer’s life

The End Of the Law

-Out of the the Bibliotheca Sacra from Dallas Theological Seminary, a talk through the end of the Old Testament Law