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Writing Topic: Theology Proper

Attributes Of God

-Sermon on God’s attributes and our appropriate response to his greatness

Cloud and Fire

-A look at the cloud and pillar of fire as shown in the Old Testament explaining how God’s glory leads and guides believers

Doctrinal Summarization

-Dr. Ryrie’s Doctrinal Summarization presented to the systematic theology faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary 1947


-From the book of beginnings, an explanation of several theological concepts that find their beginning in the book of Genesis

Glory Of God

-Overview of the glory of God and how believers can reflect it


-An overview of the doctrine of theology proper

God Is Love

-Sermon expounding on the meaning, manifestations, and ramifications of Gods love -From 1 John 4:8

God Is…

-Sermon from 1 John 1:5 -God is Light, Love, Spirit


-An exploration of many aspects of theology found in the book of Hebrews including priesthood, Christology, anthropology, ecclesiology, worship, faith, God, man, Christ, and the church

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