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Book of the Bible: John

Feeding Of the 5,000

-A look at the famous feeding of the five thousand and several principles that can be taken from this historical account

Greater Works Than These

-An explanation from John 14 concerning what Jesus means when He says, “greater works than these shall he do”

In the Dark

-Personal sermon notes from O. S. Hawkins on John 11:1-16

Jesus and His Cabinet

-An article in the Moody Monthly using the upcoming election to discuss the Sermon on the Mount

Joy In Cana

-An article using key pieces and applications from this account of Jesus makes wine from water (John 2)

Life Of Christ

-Extensive essay covering the life of Christ including his miracles, teaching, conflicts with the Pharisees, his disciples, transfiguration, temptation, crucifixion, and resurrection


-A collection of Dr. Ryrie’s sermons on the miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry on earth

Only Believe

-Encouragement and practical application taken from the healing of the Nobleman’s Son

Passion Week

-Handwritten personal notes relating to the daily events of the passion week of Christ