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Writing Topic: Anthropology

Dead Sea Scrolls

-Discussion about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the implications on Christian and Jewish beliefs

Doctrinal Summarization

-Dr. Ryrie’s Doctrinal Summarization presented to the systematic theology faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary 1947


-Evidence against the ideas of evolution and theistic evolution


-An examination of the evolutionary theory, its basis, and its shortcomings


-From the book of beginnings, an explanation of several theological concepts that find their beginning in the book of Genesis


-An exploration of many aspects of theology found in the book of Hebrews including priesthood, Christology, anthropology, ecclesiology, worship, faith, God, man, Christ, and the church

Look At the Evidence

-A discussion of what fossils, anthropology, and the Bible say about Evolution -Article written 1958

Q & A: Dinosaurs

-Answer to the question, “During what period of earth’s history did the dinosaurs live on this earth?”

Q & A: Science Teacher

-Answer to the question, “What do you tell your science teacher when they talk about evolution?”